Dyker Heights in Brooklyn. Christmas in New York

By Olga K

Dyker Heights in Brooklyn

Dyker Heights – a small area of Brooklyn not so far from Coney Island and Bay Ridge, which hides a big holiday secret. Every year after Thanksgiving residents of this area decorate their homes with bright lights, Christmas toys and lots of garlands and turn the streets into a sort of festive Disneyland. Such a Christmas and New Year mood you can not find anywhere else in New York, even Rockefeller Center fades into the background.

Since the 1980s, the lights in this place are getting brighter and brighter every year. They say that in 2017 the most expensive decorations cost $ 20,000. This tradition began as a competition between local residents, and now it is more competition between companies in decor. However, this does not diminish the received emotions and enjoyment from what they saw!

Where and when to see the lights of Dyker Heights

Decorated houses are scattered all over the area, but the most popular are crowded between 82nd and 86th streets, and between 11th and 13th Avenue. Strongly advising to go everywhere! We, for example, first passed all the avenues, and then turned into the streets. So we did not miss anything important. Pay attention to the houses with a large grandfather frost and huge wooden soldiers – these are the families that participate in this unspoken competition from the very beginning!

Keep in mind, if you will get there by metro, you will have to walk about 15-20 minutes to the epicenter. When approaching the right streets you will see a lot of people, and the most important quarters are usually closed for cars so that all pedestrians can admire this beauty.

Usually, the hosts turn on the lights from 5 pm and turn them off about 10. This lasts until the New Year. Despite the fact that at the end of November decorations appear on many houses, we recommend going there starting from the middle of December, when you can see the largest number of ornaments. Pay for the entrance and photos do not need anything, but many homes collect donations for various organizations.