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My name is Olga, founder of VodkatonikTours.com and Vodkatonik.com -- NYC-based travel, fashion, and lifestyle outlet. I was a tourist here myself before I decided to move here for good. But coming here with friends and going on all the usual tours left me scratching my head about that New York City magic I’d read so much about. I liked the city, but where was this special spark? So I kept coming back to look for it. It wasn’t until my third trip here -- traveling alone, staying in an apartment instead of a hotel, and with the phone numbers of few locals willing to show me around -- that the magic was revealed. After I moved here, I vowed to get to know this city better than anyone else and to discover every secret nook and cranny it had to offer. And this is how the idea of the Vodkatonik Blog was born: to share all of that information, what tourists and plenty of people living here don’t know. And where do you usually go to chat in the Big Apple? At the bar, of course, over a cocktail, such as the classic Vodkatonic. Since starting, I’ve helped many people tailor their trip to NYC to suit them, the way a stylist customizes a wardrobe. But I started to suspect that there was something missing in these tours. But what was it? Ah, yes! A New Yorker, i.e., me. And so Vodkatonik Tours was born. With a little help from a diverse set of friends, we’ve curated the city into a set of original tours that cover the “must-sees” and all the “secrets” in between. You don’t need to come three times before you finally uncover the magical parts you’ve been misled into thinking resides atop 30 Rock. You just need a person who already knows where to look.

Our Mission

Vodktonik Tours' mission is to give people the experience of New York as a local (without all that anxiety over paying rent). Together, we'll explore the nature and culture of a place to connect with the city. We proudly include only locally owned and operated companies and shops in our itineraries. This way, you get an authentic experience while supporting the people who make New York unique. We believe in sustainable travelling.

New York City Explorers

Meet our team of professional guides, photographers and editors.

Olga Kochanova

Founder / Tour Guide

Elizaveta Kozlova

Photographer/ Contributor

Alessandro Spreafico

Creative Director

Careers With Us

We are always open for new collaboration opportunities. Drop us a message and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours.

If you think you will be a good tour guide or you are already one – let us know! We are looking for positive, fun people that know New York well and can share with us a lot of interesting places around the city. We also can train you to become one!

Last year 6 millions people visited New York City. We can help them to bring all of their memories home. It’s never too many photographers. Write to us  if you want to join our team!

We are always open to explore new collaborations and have good conversations. If you have an idea which you would like to explore with us, please get in touch.