New York from the Top

1 Hour Flight Photo Friendly more than 20 sights

New York from the Top Air Tour

Always wanted to see New York City from the sky? We can make it happen! We are offering an exclusive one-hour air tour over New York in a Cessna 172 Skyhawk. In this one-hour flight, you'll see the whole of Manhattan from a whole new angle. You'll see the Statue of Liberty from the above. We'll breeze over most of the Brooklyn. You'll see views and landmarks that people rarely get the opportunity to see/ Unlike most companies in New York, which offer 15-minute helicopter flights, our flight lasts a full hour in the much quieter Cessna. That means you'll be able to see all of the sights! For those wishing to make a video of the flight, we can adjust the itinerary to accommodate. The flight starts and finishes in New Jersey, 30 minutes from Penn Station. Because it’s a 4-seat aircraft, one flight can accommodate a maximum of 3 people, the fourth seat being obviously reserved for the pilot. We offer two options: - Fly without a tour guide (up to 3 people + the pilot) for $ 600 per hour - Fly with a tour guide (with up to 2 people + the pilot) for $800 per hour. Approximately 1 hour + travel time to and from New Jersey

New York Walking Tour
Small Plane Tour

Explore New York City from the different perspective!

New York City History

In which we stroll through a wide range of (sometimes unexpected) historical landmarks and learn about the little-known wonders of New York’s past.

Professional Guide

Each tour is held by the certified New York City travel specialist

Amazing Views

In which you can crush your Instagram game -- we’re going to the tops of towers, the edges of town, and everywhere in between to get a glimpse of Manhattan from every angle.

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Each Vodkatonik Tour is tailored for a standard size of 4 people or less. Most of the tours have also the option to add more persons to the group for a total of 8 people.

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NYC From the Top Tour
Standard 1-hour flight for 3 People or less
Larger Groups
  • This tour is NOT available for larger groups due to limited plane capacity. You can order several rides if you are more than 3 people.
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New York from the Top
I can visit NY tons of times and never get enough of it. Last time Olya made me see the city with new eyes: lively streets in Brooklyn, the best view on Manhattan, renewal of Brooklyn piers...definitely worth it! Thanks!
I had the chance to discover Brooklyn in a very special way. I’ve learnt new things about NY and US and - mostly - I had the best view of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge park: an amazing place that you don’t find on guides books! Highly reccomended, cant wait to go back to NY!

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