Speakeasy Tour

Limited party 2.5-3 Hours Night time 21+


New York is famous for its secret bars.
But where the heck are they?

If you enjoy a delicious (if a bit obscurely assembled) cocktail, these hidden crannies are compulsory visits. This tour offers you a wonderful, relaxed evening with 3 secret destinations. Such places are hidden everywhere. You just need to know where to go. Even if you’ve visited a handful of tucked-away haunts, we can still surprise you.

We want to note that many places do not allow companies to seat more than 4 people, but if you are more, let us know beforehand and we’ll pick suitable places. Also, not all institutions allow you to reserve a table, so be prepared to stand in line, like real New Yorkers. Don’t let your attention fall to your phone, because celebrity sightings in these quiet nooks are not uncommon. (Beyoncé and Jay Z are regulars at one of the places we offer).

Drinking tour

Drinks are not included, so you can decide what and where you want to try.

Dress Code

Most of the establishments will not be allowed in sports shoes and T-shirts, so dress nicely.

New York History

Between bars, we’ll continue to tell stories about the city and answer all of your questions.

ID Required

NYC bars require to be 21+ years old with valid ID at the entrance!

How big is your group?

Each Vodkatonik Tour is tailored for a standard size of 4 people or less. Most of the tours have also the option to add more persons to the group for a total of 8 people.

Pool | Semi-Private
For solo travelers please check our Tour Pooling availability.
Speakeasy Tour
Special Tour for 3 People or less
Additional People
Speakeasy bars are normally designed for small parties.
  • Although it's still possible for us to accommodate a total party of 4 or 5 people, the choice of destinations will be more limited.


Meeting point

Meeting points depend on the overall itinerary. Especially on walking tours, we must choose our point of attack wisely.  

Tour structure

We’ll guide you to 3 different destinations and make sure you are seated. It is up to you if you would like your guide to join you at the table. Otherwise, we’ll meet after 45 minutes to move on to the next place.

End of the tour

After you’re all set at the last venue, your tour guide will leave you to enjoy your drinks and give you some advice on where you can go after!

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September 2022
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I can visit NY tons of times and never get enough of it. Last time Olya made me see the city with new eyes: lively streets in Brooklyn, the best view on Manhattan, renewal of Brooklyn piers...definitely worth it! Thanks!
I had the chance to discover Brooklyn in a very special way. I’ve learnt new things about NY and US and - mostly - I had the best view of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge park: an amazing place that you don’t find on guides books! Highly reccomended, cant wait to go back to NY!

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